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About Pulung

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Hello there, and welcome to my piece of the internet. I'm Rio, nice to meet you. 

You're here because you want to know more about Pulung. Let's start with the name... what does it mean? Pulung has two meanings. On the island of Java, where I live, Pulung is local dialect which means "to bring forth blessing". In greater Indonesia the word takes a different meaning as it translates into the national language where it is used as "to take something discarded and give it new life". 

I hope that my dolls do justice to both of these meanings. 

I am pretty new to the world of doll making, but not to the world of making ideas come to life. My husband and I own a natural school on Java called Jungle School. We have hundreds of students from over 17 countries that go to school in a place with no electricity, technology, or even chairs. I have always been overflowing with ideas and idealism, and my dolls are the result of this. Inviting children to join my world of magical imagination is my favorite thing, and Pulung allows me to do this. With every child who holds one of my dolls, the land of wonderment and endless possibilities grows wider. 

I am originally from California, USA. I have been living in Indonesia, my home, since 2007. Being a doll maker in the East Indies has it;s advantages. The land where I built my school is full of cotton trees left over from the Dutch colonies. This means that I can harvest my own organic cotton which I use to stuff my smaller dolls. I also have access to endless flowers and barks which I use to dye canvas for doll shoes and accessories. 

To stay true to my brand, i use as much discarded fabric as possible. For my dolls clothes, I buy items from the thrift store and repurpose them into doll clothes. Because of this, you will often see my doll clothes complete with antique lace, unique buttons and detailed hems.

I make all of my dolls myself, in a pet free and smoke free environment. They each begin their life in my little studio, on the side of a volcano in central java. 

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